The Great Lakes Section of the Institute of Food Technologists (GLS-IFT) offers members unique opportunities to be actively involved in the food technology community in the Midwest area of the United States. Members of the industry and academia interact and form connections in the network through the various activities organized. Members of the industry include companies such as the Kellogg Company, Dawn Food Products, Kalsec, Inc., Post Foods, Domino’s Pizza, and Meijer .

This section is also closely affiliated with the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department of Michigan State University, East Lansing. Most students who are members of the section are also members of the MSU Food Science Club and participate in the activities organized by the Student Association of IFT. Through these affiliations, student members have the opportunity to participate in national competitions such as the IFT Product Development Competition, to meet members of the industry, to receive academic scholarships and to obtain travel funds to attend the IFT Annual Expo and other national conferences.

To become a member of IFT and the Great Lakes Section, please visit for more information and an online application process.

Call for volunteers to serve on Scholarship Committee!

Committee members are asked to review each application and participate in a 1 hour phone conference with the other committee memebers to finalize award distribution.

– February 4: Student applications are due (6 awards total, no limit to number of applicants)
– February 5 – March 1: Committee review period
– March 5: Committee conference call and alignment
– March 11: Final decision due to GLS IFT Board
– March 19: Student Award Night, Kellog Center, East Lansing (Volunteers are encouraged to attend)

Volunteers must be active GLS IFT Members. Faculty/staff/advisors/professors are not eligible to serve on the committee.

Refer friends and colleagues as Great Lakes Section IFT Members and help GLS win a big reward!

IFT is offering sections a chance to participate in the IFT Membership Referral Program. This is a chance for members to spread the word about the Great Lakes Section and IFT membership, while increasing our network and members at local events. The winning section will receive a $500 grant towards a speaker, event, or scholarship. Help us spread the word and earn “bragging rights” by being the section to recruit the most new members. For more information, visit:

Urgent Your Help is Needed!–Sign-up for the IFT Ambassador Program

Have you ever thought of what an influence you could have teaching high school students about what a Food Scientist does?  Would you consider conducting a simple food chemistry experiment to a class of middle school students?    If a Science teacher in your home school district was interested in learning more about Food Chemistry, Food Engineering, Nutrition or the Sensory Sciences, would you be willing to help the instructor expand their knowledge to help represent our industry?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you should consider signing up to be an IFT ambassador!    It provides you the opportunity to educate the next generation of students of the various career pathways of a Food Scientist which exceed those provided by a doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer or chemist!

Fortunately you can use National IFT developed resources as part of the Ambassador Program presentations. In addition, once you sign up we will provide you with a DVD of experiments which you could present during your school visit.  All you need is to be yourself and have a desire to promote our Industry to our next generation of Food Scientists!   Our team will be contacting science departments and teachers throughout the state to let them know about the great resources we have available.

To sign up, simply go to and in type in “Ambassador Questionnaire” in the search bar.  See if you have what it takes to be an ambassador for your profession!    After completing the questionnaire please indicate that you would like your name to appear on the contact list as part of the Ambassador Program.

Note:  We have had issues with our mass mailings being considered as SPAM/Junk Mail at some companies.   If you receive this notice, could you please forward to  other IFT members at your place of work!

If you have any questions contact any of the following individuals:

Gene Maly:

Dr. Janice Harte:

Dr. Bill Haines:

Thank you for your willingness to represent our industry as part of the Ambassador Program.