February New Professionals Event – The Great Escape Room, Grand Rapids

The day was Thursday, February 25th. The setting: a cold dark night in an ominous edifice full of twists and turns that all but created a labyrinth – the first of many trials our protagonists would face. The agency, decorated to resemble the days of old, foreshadowed the challenges that would be encountered: puzzles, secret codes, and strategy games strewn in every corner, strategically placed for all partakers to see. Then, one by one, all were led into a room. Once inside and bursting with anticipation, our heroes watched in horror as a padlock secured the only exit in the room. Then, suddenly, the voice of none other than Sherlock Holmes himself stipulated the rubrics of the game. Armed with nothing but their bravery and their wits, the saga began. Numerous puzzles, cyphers and secret hiding spots were all decoded: our protagonists were victorious, defeating the odds and regaining their freedom, hungry to prove themselves once more.

Great Escape Room

Madison Rial, Lyndsey Huss, Cynthia Lopez-Pena, Tony Huesman and Adrienne Roach found their way out of The Great Escape Room in Grand Rapids!

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