2017 Scholarship Winners Announced!

Thank you to our GLSIFT members for the outstanding turnout on March 29th, 2017 in support of our student members and their fine accomplishments. We had 54 people in attendance at the Kellogg Conference Center on the MSU campus for our annual student recognition night!

Following a delicious meal and a brief section update, representatives from the MSU Food Science Club spoke about their many activities during the past year, including the fact that the two MSU product development teams which had submitted entries to the M&M Mars and Disney competitions had been selected for participation in the final round of competition at the national IFT meeting being held in Las Vegas later this year. The MSU team is no stranger to making the final round of competition, but this is the first year that both teams are going in the same year!

Attendees were then treated to an overview of the latest consumer food trends presented by guest speaker Dr. A. Elizabeth Sloan, consumer trends columnist for “Food Technology”, current president of Sloan Trends, Inc., past Editor-in-Chief of “McCall’s Magazine” and “Cereal Foods World”, and past Director of the “Good Housekeeping Institute”.   Needless to say, Dr. Sloan provided the group with an enlightening overview of what consumers are currently seeking and what it appears they may be seeking in the years to come.

Finally, our section was proud to present 5 outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, representing the food science departments of both Michigan State University and Wayne State University, with six $1000 scholarships, based upon a set of rigorous selection criteria. The honorees were as follows:

  1. Ph.D. Achievement Scholarship— Edward Szczygiel
  2. Master of Science Achievement Scholarship—Elizabeth Brock
  3. Great Lakes Section Active Student Member—Elizabeth Brock
  4. Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship—Julianna Joseph
  5. Clifford L Bedford Scholarship—Lauren Tamm
  6. Great Lakes Section Diversity Scholarship— Liyanage Nirasha Perera

2017 Scholarship Winners

Left to right: Scott Peterson (GLSIFT Chair), Liyanage Nirasha Perera, Elizabeth Brock, Lauren Tamm, Julianna Joseph, Edward Szczygiel

Speaker 3

Speaker 2 Speaker 1

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